Amy is a 5th degree black belt in Traditional Shotokan Karate. She is one of the highest ranked female practitioners in the United States in the AAKF/ITKF style of Karate. Amy has trained for over 30 years with Sensei Robert Fusaro (8th Dan) and Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama (10th Dan) as well as advanced training with top Shotokan masters from around the world. She is an internationally-certified judge, active in local, national, and international tournaments.

Amy competed on the national & international tournament circuit from 1992 to 2005 medaling over 30 times. She was the assistant coach for the U.S. Team in 2011 and served as a Senior Member of the AAKF North Central Region's Technical Committee.

Now retired from competition, Amy is an Instructor at her own dojo Kitsune Karate as well as the University of Minnesota Karate Club. She is a co-founder and Technical Fellow of the Shuhari Institute - a non-profit organization promoting Shotokan Karate.

Tournament Highlights

2005-2000 San Diego Goodwill Tournament - 5-Time Gold Individual Kata
2004 World Tournament - Davos, Switzerland - 5th Individual Kata
2004 Nationals, Oregon - Gold Individual Kata
2003 Pan-Americans - Goiania, Brazil - Silver Individual Kata
2003 Nationals - Minneapolis - Gold Individual Kata | Gold Team Kata
2002 Nationals - Washington - Gold Individual Kata | Gold Team Kata
2001 Pan-Americans - Santiago, Chile - Gold Individual Kata | Silver Team Kata
2001 Nationals - Dallas - Silver Individual Kata | Gold Team Kata
2000 Nationals - Atlanta - Bronze Individual Kata | Gold Team Kata
1999 Pan-Americans - Winnipeg, Canada - Bronze Team Kata
1999 Nationals - Spokane - Silver Individual Kata | Gold Team Kata
1998 Nationals - Reno - Gold Enbu
1997 Nationals - Minneapolis - Gold Team Kata
1994 Nationals - Reno - Gold Individual Kata | Gold Enbu
1993 Nationals - Boston - Silver Individual Kata | Gold Team Kata
1992 Nationals - Chicago - Silver Individual Kata